Comparing Frontier FiOS and CenturyLink Prism 2019

What used to be basic necessities? Food, shelter, and clothing. What are the modern necessities? Television, internet, and phone. With advancements and modernization, humans have upgraded our lifestyles so much that we’ve revolutionized what our basic needs are. With these upgrades, we have achieved higher standards, digital consciousness, and advanced technology. This revolution has changed our daily lives so significantly that now, a person can’t imagine a day without television, internet or phone. It has nothing to do with joy or entertainment either, it’s the connection to the outside world that matters.

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These inventions have added the comfort and convenience of not having to travel across the world to see friends, family, or business associates – they’ve eliminated time and space as a developmental roadblock. It’s not about the entertainment (sports, TV series, cartoons, movies, cooking shows, news, or social media connectivity) or business deals (marketing, financial transactions, emailing, online buying and selling of goods) because all of these departments are handled with these basic amenities.

Having stated all these facts and now that we comprehend the global zeitgeist, here is a quick guide to exploring the best choices in telecommunication companies. For this matter, we will take a look at Frontier FiOS and CenturyLink Prism, two of the best U.S.-based telecommunication companies.

We are well aware of the diversity of the United States. We also know how widely spread it is, but some states are not as developed and advanced as others, like, Nebraska as compared to New York. The needs of people will vary from one place to another. What these telecommunication companies will do is take into consideration the needs of those living in certain areas. For example, people living in a given city will not face as many problems when trying to find an internet or TV connection versus the person living in an out of the way rural community. With this in mind, these telecommunication companies have analyzed the specific needs and based on these factors, have constructed systems that work best in multiple places.

The type of service Frontier FiOS and CenturyLink Prism provides is fiber (which works better than satellite or cable). There are multiple differences between the two but each performs just as well as the other, in general. The following contains some of the differences between the two fiber services:

  • Frontier FiOS offers 400+ channels while CenturyLink Prism offers 350+.
  • Frontier FiOS is cheaper than CenturyLink Prism.
  • CenturyLink Prism has fewer equipment fees than Frontier FiOS.
  • Frontier FiOS has installation fees (but not if you bundle) while CenturyLink does not.
  • Frontier FiOS has no contract restrictions but CenturyLink has a 2 years commitment.
  • Frontier FiOS rates better on customer satisfaction compared to CenturyLink.
  • Frontier FiOS bundle deals are a lot more affordable than CenturyLink.

With the given differences, it’s evident why Frontier FiOS provided by been performing so well over the years. Its Triple Play bundle deals are the most beneficial; the combination ensures that their customers aren’t left behind when it comes to modern world necessities.

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