Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet Card for Mothers Day

Years ago when my son was in first grade he made me the most beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers on a card. I loved them so much I put them up on my cupboard in the kitchen and they still hang there today 16 years later. Here’s how he made them.

You need pipe cleaners, crepe paper of flowery colors, a piece of brown construction paper and a ribbon or piece of yarn. You will also need some glue to make this lovely 3-D Mothers Day card.

Take the brown construction paper and fold it in half. You can write your mom a note on the inside of the card. My son wrote: Happy Mothers Day on the card he gave me sixteen years ago. Cut a small square about two inches wide and one inch high out of the front of the brown construction paper. This is where you will put two flowers.

To make the flowers take the pipe cleaner and cut off about four inches. Then cut that piece into two pieces. You should have two pieces of pipe cleaner that are two inches long.

Take a piece of crepe paper about an inch wide and three inches long. Roll the crepe paper into a tube so that you are making an inch wide roll. Tie one end of the crepe paper with a small piece of ribbon or yarn. On the other end gently pull the crepe paper out to form a flower. Then tie the small end of your crepe paper flower onto the two inch pipe cleaner. You should have a flower. Make another flower just like the first. You can use the same color crepe paper or a different color for a different colored flower.

Take your flowers and put them in the hole on the front of your brown paper card and glue or tape them in place. You should be able to see the pretty flowers on the front of your card and when you open the card you should be able to see the flowers through the hole.

Take another piece of ribbon or yarn and attach it to the top of the card so your mom can hang the card up. You can make extra flowers and place them on the ribbon that the card will hang up from. When your card is done you should have a flower pot with some flowers coming out of the top. The brown paper is the flower pot.

I really love the card my son gave me. it would be great if my son also buys a bouquet from Secret Florists. I look at it daily and am so proud of it I have it out for everyone to see.

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