How To Study Medicine In Australia?



Currently, Australia has become the most liked destination for students studying medical science. Students from overseas and junior doctors who want to do their practice in a friendly, less pressurized, highly paid environment opt for Australia to continue their studies. Even Australia is an excellent option for GPs and other consultants who are searching for a good salary and a luxurious lifestyle. So, why are you thinking so much? Just move a step further and study medicine in Australia. 

Medicine schools of Australia are very famous for their well-trained teaching experts and International standards research and education. To know more about medical schools in Australia, you can browse CatEight.

One of the most notable news about medical schools in Australia is that their five universities/schools are ranked among the world’s top 50 best medical universities. These five universities are:

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of New South Wales
  • Monash University 

Courses Available For Studying Medicine In Australia:

Medicine studies in Australia are offered in two different courses that are postgraduate course and the undergraduate course. Hence, in the postgraduate program, you will become a Doctor of Medicine, while in the undergraduate program, you will become a Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. 

Also, keep in mind that some of the Australian medical universities are teaching only undergraduate programs. But, few other medical schools are offering courses for graduates as well as school leavers. If you want to apply for any course, fill up the Course Application here

Why Study In Australia?

You know that the best recession-proof career is “Medicine,” in which there are opportunities to get high-level jobs for well-trained professionals. Recent studies tell that many countries are now facing a shortage of health consultants. Nevertheless, Australia is among those countries where the requirement for skilled and trained professional doctors has become very high during the current years. 

However, the query how to study medicine in Australia, will be resolved when you will start your studies in Australia. Australia is famous for its excellence in education and is also known to be a great medicine education provider worldwide. Apart from medicine, the country possesses many other finest universities offering many other reputed courses for students studying different fields. Thus, if you are planning for studying your higher education in Australia, no one can stop you from succeeding in your career.

Universities In Australia:

Studying in a relaxing environment with the best teaching staff and selecting your favorite course is not less than a blessing. However, there are so many medical schools/universities in Australia, and some of the famous ones are given below: 

  • University of Adelaide (UG) 
  • Monash University (UG and PG) 
  • James Cook University (UG) 
  • Australian National University (PG)
  • University of Tasmania (UG)
  • University of Queensland (PG)
  • University of Western Australia (PG)
  • Flinders University (OG)
  • Deakin University (PG)
  • University of Melbourne (PG)
  • Griffith University (PG)
  • University of Sydney (PG)
  • University Of New South Wales (UG)
  • The University of Newcastle (UG, this university is not for International students)
  • Bond University (UG, this university is also not open for International students). 

The universities mentioned with “UG” offer undergraduate programs and are teaching Bachelor of medicine study in Australia and Bachelor of surgery. On the other hand, the universities where PG is mentioned are offering the course “Doctor of Medicine.” But, there are few universities offering both PG and UG.

Ending Notes:

Studying medicine in Australia is an excellent chance for people who sincerely want to become a bachelor of medicine. So, if you get admission in one of the top Australian universities, we guarantee that you will love studying there. After studying medicine in Australia, there are very high possibilities of getting remarkable jobs worldwide. Moreover, you can study with your friends and enjoy your trip to Australia while learning.

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